DAAO Furniture guarantee
What does the guarantee cover?
The guarantee of our furniture covers material and manufacturing imperfections, namely the structure, covering, ironware, textiles and the finishing, as from the date of purchase during a period of 2 years. The original invoice/receipt is essential as proof of acquisition. This guarantee is only applied to domestic use.
Please read the following Terms and Conditions before using this Website
Terms and Conditions of the Website:
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DAAO Concepts – Architecture and Design assures that the information in our website is correct and liable at the time of its insertion, however, you must be aware that DAAO Architecture and Design does not assume any kind of responsibility for typing mistakes in the referred Website, being the responsibility of the costumer to request detailed information through our communication channels.
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How to use the Website to purchase online
The online website works at www.daao.pt
Only persons with more than 18 years old can make orders.
The orders are to be validated after payment of 100%.

For orders sent by delivering service, DAAO reserves the right to send the order only after the total delivery amount of the furniture package in question is paid.
After that date, it counts the time established between DAAO and the costumer. The counting of the time for the delivering of the order is established with the costumer, case by case, according to the previous contacts between DAAO and the Costumer.
The purchases as well as any information regarding the furniture can be sent on a 24h basis.
All furniture purchased in our Website belongs to DAAO Collection, being attributed a number to each piece, which is also given to the costumer.
The images of the Collection products presented at this Website can have small differences namely the color and configuration, as it is an image/photo.
To Cancel the Orders
The orders can be cancelled up to three days as from the confirmation of same, being the payment done returned to the costumer. The order is considered cancelled only after a written confirmation is sent by DAAO.
The price of DAAO furniture is sent by email, on request, being added the VAT, according to the tax in force.
The price does not include any other services, namely the delivery and assembling (if necessary).
The sale price does not apply for orders for resale to the public. These will be negotiated on a case by case basis.