In this Collection the design was a reciprocal game between the object and the space involved, to which is normally intended the habitat.
The environment and its disposal in space thus become a priority, as we begin to create the concept.
All this provision communicates to the viewer, creating a bond with him.
An object, to us, is not just a project. It born from a concept absorbed by the surrounding culture, it grows and it is returned to this culture, now with a shape and able to be used.
To project, plan and formulate is thus not a linear process, standing out by the interlacing of the design with a concept and these with multiple materials.
Thus, a project must be useful, comfortable in its use and serious… after these assumptions, the object becomes beautiful, which allows us, perhaps, to speak in the poetic and intrinsic quality of the objects that surround us.
We hear often raise the question “what is design” or “is this a piece of design” being not rarely named a design object for its exuberance in detrimental of its true utility.
So, to designate the design (pass the pleonasm) conceptualizing it, in a split second, is to perceive the atmosphere which communicates to our intuition, excelling the usefulness of the object analyzed.