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Design: Danilo Olim by DAAO

Prizes :

1 prize of the Serralves Museum POP´s (Portuguese Original projects) 2012

A`Desing Award, Silver Winner, 2014


Board with shelves with independent organization.

Opens each shelve adjusting to suitable organization.

Considered to be an extension of the wall when the shelves are closed.

Shelves open and close by pressing it slightly.

The shelves are robust and capable of withholding heavy books or objects.

This bookcase can be designed in different sizes, with no limitations in its dimensions.

Shelf (millimeters): W 325 x D 340

Shelf 17 has a thickness of 70mm and may have any height or width desired.

Available wood: Walnut, Birch, and Oak.

Lacquer finishing is available in different colors.

Standard Sizes:

Size: 1: (4X4 SHELVES) – W1385 x D70 x H 1615mm

Size: 2: (2X4 SHELVES) – W735 x D70 x H 1615mm

Size: 3: (1X4 SHELVES) – Width 405 x Depth 70 x Height 1615mm



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