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Price: Any available number* (except Nº1) 8850€ + (2035 VAT 23%) = 10890€

After the 50 Chaise longue are sold this piece is no longer manufactured. In all numbers DAAO issues a document proving your number.

  • Contact us to know the available numbers between 1 and 50.


Design: Danilo Olim 2019

The 21 is a Chaise-longue or a rocking chair.

The 21 is composed by 2 modules that rotate 360 degrees between them.

Try it and whirl it again. The chaise longue 21 is very comfortable and fun in the two positions.

Available finish wood are: Walnut, Birch or Oak

Piece 21 is numbered from 01 to 50. after the 50 pieces are sold, chain 21 is no longer manufactured. DAAO provides a declaration of the purchase and the corresponding number.

Removable backrest
Foam-backed or woven foam back.
Fabric or leather.
Available in various colors.

Size: – : (MEASURES IN MILIMETERS): W 550 x D 1800 x H 230mm


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