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Price: 260€ +(59.8€ VAT 23%) = 320€ per Module


Design: Danilo Olim 2016
The 22 is a module with five fitting hypotheses that joins itself creating a bigger structure according to your needs.
The structure is perfectly adaptable to the changing needs that current families have and the different spaces that people come to inhabit during their lifetime.
On one hand, our proposal fits in a DIY trend, in the sense that, using more or less modules, each user can very simply build himself / herself a unique piece of furniture.
On the other hand, the practicality and ease with which the structure can be assembled and disassembled.

Available wood are:  Birch plywood
Size: (MEASURES IN MILIMETERS): W 400 x D 400 x H 400


to help: cad files, planning & catalogs